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             Zdravookhraneniye&rsquo; 2013 was grandly held from 9th, Dec. to 12th, Dec. in Expocentre Fairgrounds, Russia. Zdravookhraneniye&rsquo; is an exclusive forum for the health care, medical engineering and pharmaceutical industry in Russia. Hundreds of exhibitors from various countries took this opportunity to show their medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipments or related products, services and technologies.
              In this essential showcase, our Core company has displayed various kinds of products which was an interpretation of our advanced technology and high quality. In addition, CORE sales representative has communicated with foreign peers and done market research and analysis. Through our excellent product show, our face-to-face communication with customers and peers and market survey, Core Technology Co., Ltd. has not only won praise from visitors and but also learned more about medical industry level, customer expectations and local market situation from this exhibition trip. 
              Core company will always stick to the faith of creating most reliable and affordable diagnostic products for people all over the world and dedicate ourselves to the health care career of all human beings.

          A view of the booth of Core Technology Co., Ltd.

          Core sales representative took a photo with a customer

          Core Technology Co., Ltd. Attended The Zdravookhraneniye’ 2013