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          CORE GROUP is a multinational corporation well known for R&D, manufacture, and marketing of medical devices. Headquartered in California with production  based  in  China,  it has expanded globally with numerous subsidiaries.

          CORE GROUP currently owns: Core Technology, Core Medical, Bao Ruiyuan Biotech, Bio-resource Technology, Bono  Plastics, Bonore Business, Coretests Inc., etc. Our companies are ISO9001, ISO13485 approved, and our products received certification and approval from CE in Europe and FDA in United States. Coretests Inc. is the technology center based in California, United States.The cooperation currently   holds many internationally recognized patents. It is a prominent manufacturer and provider of rapid and accurate Coretests&reg; diagnostic products, which use colloidal gold, Chemiluminescence, PCR, GeneChip, and Bio-sensing product. Out of the hundreds of products we manufacture, they can be broken down into five categories: Fertility Tests series, Drug of Abuse Tests series, Infectious Diseases Tests series-Marker Tests series and Geriatric Tests series.

          CORE&rsquo;s production base is located in Bao Ruiyuan Industrial Park. There is a GMP factory set up with a full-scale production line and supporting facilities. Currently, it provides for over 100 millions of users worldwide. In China, our products are manufactured under the name Ruyun&reg;, Hongxia&reg;, Jingshi&reg;, etc., which hold a strong market share there.

          Coretests&reg; has earned great reputation globally with our excellent service  and  quality. Guided  by the Coretests&reg; mission, &ldquo;Perfect Quality, Sincere Service, Standardized Management and Promoting Innovation&rdquo;, we aim to be the top medical device company. We hope to utilize the biological engineering technology and medical research to serve for the health of all humanity.

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